What is a Poppet Sampler And How Does It Work

The technology created over about 3 decades ago, a poppet sampler is a very useful device used out there in the industry, even now. Although the design has been improved over the years to encompass a better range of safety measures, the basic function it operates on is still the same and continues to be one of the top devices used by extractors.

Poppet Sampler

A poppet sampler consists of about 4 to 5 main parts, with a piston to bring in and push out the material for sampling, a valve poppet with seals to control the timing and quantity of the material coming in with a valve stem at the end. There is also a returning spring located behind the piston.

The Sampling

When the sampling takes place, the piston pushes out and collects the material for sampling. It then returns back, pulled by the returning spring and then the material is collected in to the chamber below. The valve is then released to stabilize the pressure to atmospheric pressure, making the extraction safe and sound. The sampling can happen under vacuum or a specific pressure, around 10 bars.


This volume of samples can be used to examine things like minerals from a processing line or any form of slurry from feed lines of cyclones. It is very commonly used by the mining industry to sample materials.

Dual Valves is a famous company around the Australian, New Zealand and the Asian Pacific region. Their sampling valves are high quality and are best for course slurry sampling. The material it is made from is totally wear resistant and that is what makes Dual Valves poppet sampler one of the most durable samplers out there to install and sample from.


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